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Introducing: El Flow

Hey, Bobby Bones fans! Since you love this podcast, we think you might like this one as well. EL FLOW is a podcast that tells the story of reggaeton, its…

Friday Post Show (10-15-21)

Bobby starts by sharing answers to questions from the BTEAM Facebook page. There are all questions listeners would ask him if he was on truth serum. We talk about the…

Thursday Post Show (10-14-21)

Bobby congratulates the guys on winning best podcast in Nashville for The Sore Losers. Raymundo wants to ask a favor from Bobby and Amy this weekend. He wants to drive by…

Weds Post Show (10-13-21)

Bobby gives an update on the 90’s Country Draft results. Bobby also talks to Raymundo on how he is taking money to shout people out on the Sore Losers podcast….