Fitz in the Morning: Make Up or Break Up

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?

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Stubborn to the Max

Elisa from Enumclaw has asked us for help with her husband Brayden. Now, we don’t want to break up a married couple but Elisa has a major problem and she really wants your help: she is pregnant and having a boy and they are trying to decide on a name. Brayden had a brother named Maxwell who passed away and he has always said when he had a boy he would name him for his brother. But Elisa has an abusive ex named Max and she absolutely cannot handle having a child with that name. She is looking for a compromise. But when Braydon comes on he says it’s not up for debate – it will happen. He says Elisa is over-reacting and her ex couldn’t have been that bad. He says this is important to his whole family and she will just need to find a way to get over her past. And in case you’re wondering…the brother’s middle name is no help…

This One Time at Band Camp

Vanessa from Kent has asked for our advice with her boyfriend Carl who she thinks is still way too close to his college girlfriend. Vanessa says this girl is not just all over his social media all the time bringing up “the old days” but sometimes shows up to parties they go to, or even restaurants, and sometimes it’s Carl that has invited her and she feels like it’s a “Throuple”. When Carl comes on he says, yeah, he and Shelby are still close, but they’ve been friends since their days as Drum Majors at UW, which is a really tight community, and they still have a lot of friends in common. He says they are not like “real” exes because they are better as pals than they ever were as boyfriend-girlfriend, and he doesn’t think its fair he should have to stop being friends – he loves Vanessa and she needs to just stop worrying. The P1’s debate this one pretty hard – can you really ever just stay “friends” with your ex? Or is Vanessa overreacting? And is the real problem that Carl is a Husky and not a Coug?

You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Political Party

Shirley from Shelton has asked us for help with her boyfriend Cliff who she says absolutely refuses to vote in the upcoming election. She says she understands that they have different opinions about the candidates and issues but it’s his duty as an American to vote no matter what you believe. But when Cliff comes on he says this is a trap – he says she is rabid about her political beliefs and her “red hat” and he is just tired of her talking about it “all the freakin’ time”. He has lost all interest is politics or voting or talking about it or even thinking about it. The P1’s get super up fired at both of these two, coming at them from Left, Right and Center!

Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Miranda from Lynnwood has called for help with her boyfriend Eddie. She says they are in a Zoom Game Group with a bunch of other friends that are in couples. Miranda is able to go out to work at her office each day but Eddie is home all day, and Miranda came home a few days ago and found Eddie Zooming with one of the women from the group and now she’s worried he’s cheating. The other woman has a boyfriend, and she knows Eddie hasn’t actually left the house much, but Miranda wonders if even just a private Zoom conversation is a sign that he wants to get with the woman in real life. When Eddie comes on he says he is just a competitive guy and there is nothing more to his meetups with the woman than practicing the games. And he says he didn’t even want to play the Zoom games in the first place, that Miranda talked him into it, but now that he’s doing it he hates to lose.

The Truth Comes Out a Little at a Time

Austin from Marysville has asked us for help with his girlfriend Rebecca who he says is a compulsive Little White Liar. He says at first it didn’t seem like a big deal, like saying her parents were millionaires when they weren’t, and other little tiny things, like saying she was at the grocery store when she was really at the nail salon. But now it seems she does it all the time to the point where he is starting to wonder if she ever tells the truth about anything. When Rebecca comes on she says Austin is exaggerating. She admits embellishing her background at the beginning of a relationship but says everyone does that at first, and with Austin is was especially hard because he is not easy to impress. But also she says he is often questioning her choices, like spending money on the nail salon, so she lies and says grocery store to keep him from nagging her. But when Austin reveals a story Rebecca put out on Facebook, it gets a little harder to tell what exactly is really going on here.

I Love You Like a Sister

Graham from Puyallup has asked us for help with his girlfriend Maggie who he says is jealous of his relationship with his sister. Graham says he and his sister have been super close all of their lives and she’s pretty much his best friend. He says his sister is a great person and he doesn’t understand why Maggie doesn’t like having her around. When Maggie comes on she says she likes Graham’s sister just fine, but she is always over at the house, sometimes 3-4 times a week for dinner, without giving Maggie any advanced warning, almost like a third member of the relationship. He also seeks his sister’s opinion on every aspect of their relationship and sometimes she knows about big news in his life before she does. Maggie makes a good case, and Graham also seems reasonable at first, but then he gets super defensive and, we hate to say it, kinda weird…


Michelle from Federal Way has asked for help with her boyfriend Chuck. She says his friends are constantly hitting on her and making lewd comments about her body and Chuck never defends her or asks them to back off. She says while at first she was flattered by the attention, now it’s just annoying. Plus the fact that Chuck’s not stepping in makes her wonder if he cares anymore. When Chuck comes on he says these are his best buds in the world and while they may talk “guy talk”, they would never intentionally do anything to hurt him or to hurt her. And he says she has never told him it bothers her. She seems stunned that he hasn’t noticed how bad it is. But when one of Chuck’s bros calls in to the show, he claims Michelle is inviting the attention with the stuff she posts on social media and is basically encouraging Chuck’s friends to hit on her. If you think it’s testy between Michelle and Chuck, wait until you hear Drew and Claire.

Losers Before Cougars?

Elizabeth has asked us for help with her boyfriend Cliff who is 13 years younger than her. She is 44 and he is 31 and they have been together for 3 years. She fell in love with him because she says he’s mature and interesting and they fit really well together. She says his friends have always joked about her being an older woman but now it has turned more serious, with them not just embarrassing her with gag gifts like Depends and calling her Granny, but now they are actively trying to fix him up with other women, sometimes right in front of her. She says she knows Cliff loves her but when they do that stuff he just laughs along with them and she really wants him to defend her in front of them. When Cliff comes on, he says he knows his guys are jackasses, but thinks their goal is to make fun of him, not her, that’s just what guys do. He thinks she needs to lighten up and see the humor, and also thinks she is trying to separate him from his buddies.

Hey Good Lookin’, Why You Not Cookin’?

Sean from Snohomish says his girlfriend Allison can’t cook worth a lick and he wants our help finding ways to encourage her to get better at it. He says they get take out so much that it’s getting expensive and he is gaining a lot of weight. He wants her to take some lessons or at least put some effort into getting better at it. When we ask why he doesn’t cook, he says he works 50 hours a week and she works from home and has more time. When Allison comes on she says she has NEVER been interested in cooking and made that clear to him from Day One and she doesn’t understand why he is suddenly making a big deal. But when Sean reveals that he saw a Facebook Memory of her cooking a big dinner for her Ex three years ago, both of their stories start to fall apart and the P1’s are there to pounce.

He is Always on My Heart

This one gets very emotional. Olivia from Lake Stevens has written for guidance because her boyfriend Eric has a tattoo of his son who passed way, which she understands, but it’s a poorly done tattoo. She says it is coming between them when they get intimate because it looks like a “little goblin”. She has offered to pay for him to have it redone, but he refuses because it means too much to him as it is. When Eric comes on he says he understands her feelings, and has even seriously considered having it redone, but can’t bring himself to do it because his son was still alive when he had it done and the little boy loved it. They are both very calm and reasonable and have deeply thought this through but they just can’t meet up on it. Can the P1’s help? Is Olivia being selfish or is Eric being stubborn? Can anything ever heal the hurt of a lost child?