Fitz in the Morning: Troop Salute

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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Kurt Lynn Boorigie of the US Army

Most people who have served this nation have a story or two to tell. Sometimes the stories are incredible, action packed tales of triumph, sometimes they can be just down…

Terry Ballard of the US Navy

Today we are saluting Petty Officer 2nd Class Terry Ballard of the United States Navy. Petty Officer Ballard is a Seabee. Seabees are what the Navy calls its construction battalion….

Brady Stevenson of the US Air Force

We all know that the United States Air Force keeps our skies safe. We know that they use superior technology, tactics, and training to dominate the air over this nation…

Dennis Harris Of The US Navy

A job well done for a military member can mean a lot of different things. For our troop today, it means the successful completion of a 9 year military career….

Christopher Hill Of The US Army

I’m starting to get some really good Troop Salutes sent in, The one I have today is actually a follow up salute. Morgan Hill is a P1 of the show,…