The BobbyCast

A show Bobby Bones does from his house. In-depth interviews with songwriters, producers and artists in Nashville that reveal the stories behind the biggest songs, candid anecdotes and personal stories.

Latest Episodes

9-15: Bobby Cast Ep. 8 (Q&A)

Bobby answers your questions from Facebook. Everything from behind the scenes of the show, his personal life, views on music. and more! Bobby also gives a brief history lesson on…

9-12: Bobby Cast Ep. 7 (Craig Campbell)

Bobby is joined by Craig Campbell this week! Bobby talks to Craig about a crazy story of how he was emailed a song by accident…that he ended up making a…

9-6: Bobby Cast Ep. 6 (Charles Esten)

Bobby is joined by actor/musician Charles Esten this week! Bobby talks to Charles all about his career from where he started at a desk job to a major leading role….

9-1: Bobby Cast Ep. 5 (Caitlyn Smith)

Bobby is joined by Caitlyn Smith. He talks to her about how she got started as a songwriter in Nashville. From getting her first cut to getting her first song…

8-24: Bobby Cast Ep. 4 (Kelleigh Bannen)

Bobby is joined by Kelleigh Bannen today! Bobby asks her about her journey through music: from her first single, parting ways with her label and releasing an EP independently. Bobby…

8-22: Bobby Cast Ep. 3

Bobby talks about his role as the ambassador of the country music format. He also talks about watching Suicide Squad, Stranger Things and answers questions from Twitter. Learn more about…

8-10: Bobby Cast Ep. 2

Bobby Cast Episode 2 (8-10-16) Bobby is joined by his first official guest, Trainer Ahmad! Bobby gives an update on the flooding in his place and how he may to…

8-8: Bobby Cast – Ep. 1

The first official episode of the Bobby Cast! Bobby talks about his weekend after seeing the Goo Goo Dolls and playing a show with the Raging Idiots in Ft. Wayne….