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Ready For a NETFLIX Binge? [YOU]

ZERO spoilers! Read with confidence!

If we’re Facebook Friends, you already know how much I LOVE YOU!

I mean, I DO love you as a person…but also the Netflix show!

Think Dexter meets Sex and the City for the current youthful adult viewer. Much like Dexter, I found myself cheering for the characters with questionable scruples. Much like Sex and the City, I felt the artsy allure of NYC and the rush of being a 20-30 something in the throws of infinite romance and possibility. 

To be clear: It’s NOT a teen drama. It’s NOT for young eyes. (Although some of the cast has matured into their YOU roles from shows like Gossip Girl (Penn Badgley)  & Pretty Little Liars (Shay Mitchell).

I watched the pilot Tuesday night and [CONFESSION] binged the rest in a couple half-marathon over-nights.

Not only did I LOVE every second of the first season, but I’m ravenous for the next. I’m optimistic and invigorated. Unlike past binges (Orange Is The New Black) I did not re-enter real-life in a zombie veil…latent depression lingering from the subject matter.

So if you’re looking for a binge & rally…This is it. However, I suspect you’ll want to savor it.



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