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Release the Kraken! Seattle’s New NHL Team Name Leaked?

black hockey puck on ice rink
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Ever since the NHL and Seattle announced a new expansion team to the Great Northwest, speculation about the team’s name has been swirling. Rumors about the name being the Sockeyes picked up a few months ago when the NHL Seattle website went to a reddish/salmon and teal color scheme. Well today, that speculation ramped up when the name was supposedly leaked on NHL Network Radio. Apparently, we’re going with the Kraken! Other names have been rumored, like the Totems, Metropolitans, and most notably the Sockeyes, but do any of those names strike fear into the hearts of opponents? Do any of them have even the slightest intimidation factor? No, not at all.

I will root for the Seattle NHL team no matter the name, but I LOVE the idea of calling them the Kraken! Think of the cool logos you could make with that name, or the way the uniforms could look! More importantly, imagine going to a game and the team comes out to “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” being played over the loudspeakers. That would be so cool! I am 100% behind this team name, and I hope it sticks. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Love it? Hate it? What do you think of the potential name?