Join us as we sing along at FROSTY FEST to Rockin’ Toots with Fitz in the Morning at 8:10pm!

Rockin’ Toots Lyrics (in the style of Luke Bryan’s “Knockin Boots”)


This belly’s a full tank

Tacos bubblin from the fart bank

I had held the gas down on our first date

When I was downtown with you

The I Love You’s had been said

Many nights we shared a bed

Girl what we’ve been through

No flatulence can undo (that’s the truth)

Yeah spicy food just makes me squeaky

Under the sheets I do the one cheeky-sneaky

Farting in the dark might get queasy

Blowin up the bedroom

Refried beans, my stomach’s stirrin

Taco Tuesday, back ends burnin’

You’ll be lovin’ my dutch oven

Toots need rockin, rockin toots

Rockin toots, me an’ you