Ryan Reynolds tweets “weirdly appropriate” scene from ‘Free Guy’, given COVID news cycle

Ryan Reynolds tweets "weirdly appropriate" scene from 'Free Guy', given COVID news cycle

20th Century Pictures(LOS ANGELES) — Ryan Reynolds continues his dominance of feel-good COVID-19-era social media, to give us more to smile about during the lockdown. 

This installment comes via what he tweets is a “weirdly appropriate” clip of his movie Free Guy, the release of which was bumped from July 3 to December 11, because of the pandemic. 

The hook of the film is that Reynolds’ character Guy doesn’t know he’s what gamers know as an NPC — a non-player character, as in the background characters who live their daily lives amid the ultraviolence players unleash in games like Grand Theft Auto

The clip shows Guy eating his breakfast before a normal day at work, while a TV anchorman calmly discusses “a warm and sunny” Sunday, “with just a scattering of drive-bys,” and other horrific calamities that seem perfectly normal to Guy, including a pair of military helicopters dogfighting right outside his apartment. 

The anchor also predicts a “great day for the beach,” adding the caveat, “but not Hitman’s Beach, which will be mined and sprayed with high-caliber fire from a renegade gunship stolen by a coked-up bandit and his band of bloodthirsty mercenaries.”  

The clip appears to be an obvious comparison to the daily, real-life doom and gloom that’s become normal during the coronavirus pandemic.

Directed by Shawn Levy, Free Guy also stars Killing Eve Emmy-winner Jodie Comer, JoJo Rabbit Oscar-winner Taika Waititi, and Lil Rel Howery.

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