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Ryder’s Top Ten Shows to Binge Watch!!! (Quarantine Edition)

Man lying in bed and can’t disconnect from internet technology and binge watching

With everyone having to stay home for the unseeable  future, I wanted you to have a fresh list of shows. I’ll but together my Top 10 list of shows and where you can watch them! I hope this finds you well and you stay entertained!


10. The Simpsons

This one is probably a no brainer, sure it’s been on forever with over 31 Seasons dating back to 1989. The Simpsons was one of the most original shows on television in it’s debut. Inspiring hundreds of thousands of shows that came after but nothing beats the classics! You can stream all the way from the beginning to the newest episodes just by getting Disney+ that’s 31 years of television that should hold you over for a good while!

Where to watch-Disney+

9. Seinfeld

You might be pretty surprised already saying “Wow…Ryder sure does like 90’s Tv shows for being a  Young’n.”  but I’m telling you even tho this show ended in the 90’s it still has some of the most relatable  moments from George deciding sweatpants are the only suitable things to wear in and out of the house, Elaine busting out dance moves that would even terrify small children, Kramer refusing to go outside or Jerry putting up with the craziness of the every day world. Always worth the watch and super easy to binge!

Where to watch-Hulu

8. You

No you didn’t read that wrong, the show is literally called “You” and it’s one heck of a thrill ride! You get to follow Joe Goldberg who has a very strange addiction to social media. Until you realize he’s using social media to stalk an unsuspecting girl who he’s obsessed with after only meeting once. It’ll be hard to stop watching one you start but you will love it!

Where to watch-Netflix 

7. Letterkenny 

This show came out of the wood works of Canada starting out as a Youtube show and making it’s way onto the Canadian networks. This show follows a small town with a population of 5,000 people mainly focused on 3 friends who are considered the “Hicks” of Canada but introduces other people in the town who end up being some of your favorites. It’s fast banter and hilarious punchlines. If you’re looking for something easy to watch and you need a good laugh look no further. You’ll be calling your friends “Spare Parts” and telling them “That’s what I appreciates about ya.” in no time. Grab yourself a puppers (Beer) and get to streaming!

Where to watch- Hulu

6. Parks And Recreation

If you love The Office you’ll obsess over Parks and Recreations, created by one of the original show runners from the office you get the same mocumentery style you love but with a very different take featuring a cast of characters that reminds you of everybody in your everyday life!  You’ll get to see Chris Pratt at a very early point of his career along with my personal favorite Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) the man obsessed with good whiskey and a hefty steak! Follow Leslie Knope and her love for the Government in a backwards town of Pawnee Indiana!

Where to watch-Hulu

5. The Witcher

What started out as a book and evolved into a video game has found it’s way to the silver screen of streaming! The main character is known as Geralt who was given up as a baby and mutated to become a monster fighter! But being mutated puts a target on his back. No one trusts him and think he’s as dangerous as the monsters he fights. Until he meets some like minded people who see him as a hero defending the world. If i didn’t convince you yet then Superman actor Henry Cavill who is insanely ripped is shirtless…like a whooooole bunch.

Where to watch-Netflix



4. The Office

This one is obviously gonna be one of the most streamed shows during the time of Quarantine and Covid-19. Let me tell you why, The Office shows us the best in people, friends, family and yes even coworkers. You’re introduced to the Boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and his office of workers who he doesn’t see as coworkes but more of family…even tho they all just see him as that weird cooky boss that won’t stop making jokes. You fall in love with each character on this show and you see the ins and outs of what builds a work family for a paper company.

Where to watch-Netflix (For Now)

3. The Righteous Gemstones

This show came out of absolutely nowhere and I’m obsessed with it! This HBO show pulls no punches with a star studded cast featuring John Goodman as the pastor of a Super Church. It’s the second generation of this of a grand televangelist family known as the Gemstones. John Goodman’s character brings his kids into the picture needing all hands on deck to keep the show at it’s height of fame. Featuring Danny Mcbride Jesse Gemstone whose made some bad decisions and is now being black mailed, he calls on the help of his brother Adam Devine who plays Kevin Gemstone to stop the people black mailing him! This show is pretty dark and to remind you it is an HBO show so expect to watch this with no kiddos around. But hands down amazing show!

Where to watch-HBO 

2. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I hold this show near and dear to my heart. As a Young’n I love seeing people being caring and loving to one another but it’s no secret that there’s a few nuts out in the world. they make horrible decisions without the thought of how they’re ruining the peoples lives around them. They’re currently in their 14th season and it continues to get better the further along it goes.  Shows like Friends you see them get more attractive as the show goes on and now the actors have money and can do a better job at taking care of themselves. Well this show as time goes on everyone get’s a little worse looking and more screwed up in the head than the season before. It has dark humor to make you laugh at all the things you probably don’t feel comfortable laughing at before. Join The Gang on their escapades of self serving adventures and get rich quick schemes! You wont be disappointed!

1. The Mandolorian 

I mean…are you really surprised? This show is hands down one of the best things about Star Wars ever! Following after the events of Return Of The Jedi, order is making its way across the universe but bounty hunters are still making their way around the galaxy and collecting bounties. We follow the story of the nameless Mandolorian who often goes by “Mando” after being picked up for a bounty, considered extremely dangerous he meets none other than Baby Yoda himself. Fighting against himself and the code of Bounty Hunters he must decide whether or not he wants to turn him over to the left over evil empire or protect him and be a beacon of hope in the universe. The best part is you don’t even have to know any of the original Star Wars movies to fall in love with this show. (Granted it does help) Do yourself a favor and give the first two episodes a shot, I promise you’ll be hooked on it like Luke Skywalker hooked on Blue Milk!

Where to watch-Disney+

Let me know if you check out any of the shows on my list and what you thought of them! We can get through this Covid-19 crisis together. Stay indoors and take care of your loved ones. We’ll be here keeping you entertained while you’re Quarantined