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Salute To Stanwood: The Lowdown Drifters are Proud Sons of Stanwood!

Welcome to 98.9 The Bull’s Salute to Stanwood!

One of our favorite local bands, the Lowdown Drifters, are Proud Sons of Stanwood! The country folk rock band formed around a shared love of songwriting with the goal of furthering the tradition of Country Music. The Drifters built up a solid fan base and core group of original songs leading up to the 2016 release of their album “Wood & Water” which resulted in opportunities to play with artists such as LeAnn Rimes, Parker McCollum, Jason Boland, and the Randy Rogers Band. The past few years have taken the Drifters from writing and playing their original songs for friends to playing at venues and festivals across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Their new album is called “Last Call for Dreamers”.













Listen here for the Fitz in the Morning chat with Ryan from the Lowdown Drifters:



Check Out the Lowdown Drifter’s Latest Video Here:






We thought it would be fun to see if there is anyone in Stanwood actually named Stan Wood.  And there is!  In fact there are a few, and today we spoke to one of them – Meet Stanley Wood! Stanley works for a local security firm and while he doesn’t listen to a lot of radio, he sure got a kick out of talking to Fitz and he loves Carrie Underwood.


Here is Fitz in the Morning’s Interview with Stanley Wood!



Today we are spotlighting The Cookie Mill. Julie Sande opened The Cookie Mill in 1986 with homemade cookies and muffins and was the first business ever to offer espresso in Stanwood! Julie’s vision was “a space where friends could gather, a commuter could grab a homemade treat and coffee on the go, and everyone always felt welcome.” She and Marybeth now operate the business together and they offer a big menu with breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, soups, salads, and lots of desserts!


Credit: The Cookie Mill


Listen to the full Fitz in the Morning interview with Julie and Marybeth Sande here:


So what are Julie and Marybeth’s favorite things about Stanwood? They say it’s picking up a picnic lunch (from Cookie Mill!) and heading to one of the beautiful beaches that surround Stanwood and Camano Island, and then some shopping at The Spare Room Vintage Flea Market on Camano is a must!

Credit: The Spare Room





Welcome to 98.9 The Bull’s Salute to Stanwood!

To kick it off in style, on Monday morning Fitz in the Morning spoke to New Stanwood Mayor Elizabeth Callaghan!

Credit: City of Stanwood



Mayor Callaghan was appointed Mayor on July 23, 2020, after Mayor Leonard Kelley resigned for health reasons.  Elizabeth has served on the City Council since 2012 and has also served two terms on the City’s Planning Commission.  She is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University and currently teaches at Grace Academy in Marysville. She has lived in Stanwood since 2009 and enjoys the rich heritage and unique character of the City.





Listen Here to the Official Fitz in the Morning Interview with Mayor Callaghan!


Credit: Julie Sande




We talked about “All Things Stanwood” including the Mayor’s idea of the “perfect day” in Stanwood.  She says it starts with a visit to The Cookie Mill for some giant cookies!






Credit: City of Stanwood



And the perfect day in Stanwood continues with a relaxing afternoon at Heritage Park followed by some Disc Golf at Church Creek!





Our Salute to Stanwood started off with a little history of the town!

Nestled on the banks of the Stillaguamish River, Stanwood is the beautiful small town you love while also the commercial and cultural hub of the greater Stanwood/Camano community. Settled in 1866 as a trading post on the “flats” at the mouth of the Stillaguamish, Stanwood is still a small, but growing, community of Scandinavian heritage with unique museums, food and music.


Credit: Tina Marie

Our History Lesson is from The Henry M. Jackson Foundation on

“Stanwood’s settlement began about 1866 near the mouth of the Stillaguamish and was first called “Centerville”. There was a saloon and trading post serving farmers and loggers who were staking claims upriver and in the river’s delta. Coast Salish people of the Stillaguamish Tribe had an encampment near the site of the first trading post and other villages upriver and along the shoreline of Port Susan. The word Stillaguamish means “people of the river.” Neighboring tribal groups were the Kikiallus at Conway and on Camano Island, and the Skagit people and the Snohomish people to the south, among several others. They, both men and women, were often crucial in transporting early settlers and their belongings to every area of the Puget Sound using their expert canoeing skills.”

“In 1903, the Town of Stanwood and the Stanwood Lumber Company were incorporated. Stanwood Lumber Company was located at the mouth of the river where the river forks north to Skagit Bay and south to Port Susan. Associated with the mill was the boom company that handled logs coming down the river. East of the mill was the granary. Near the depot the People’s Union operated a general store and meat market its “new hall” was dedicated in 1904.


Photo: Tina Marie

“In 1904, The Bank of Stanwood was incorporated and the H & H Railroad Co. was built to connect Stanwood mills and passengers with the depot one mile east. The Stanwood Feed and Livery that provided carriage service to and from the depot and in the early years also operated a streetcar. The railroad engine was often affectionately referred to as the “Dinky.” During the 1930s it achieved some notoriety as the “Shortest Railroad in the World” carrying passengers and products between Stanwood and the Great Northern Depot in East Stanwood.

“In 1922 that East Stanwood became an incorporated town with Francis Giard as its first mayor. Over the years the two communities were known as the “Twin Cities” and in 1960 they consolidated.


Photo: Tina Marie

Today the new train station, which opened in 2009, is where you’ll find all kinds of shopping, food and music, especially during the Stanwood Summer Concert Series but also at places like Loco Billy’s Wild Moon Saloon and the Stanwood Hotel and Saloon.


Photo: Tina Marie


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