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Shazam! The Super Hero movie you didn’t see coming!

We were all 14 once…we’ve all wished we had super powers because how awesome would that be?! Shazam is a comic book based on a young boy who has a run in with a wizard. Yes you read that right a WIZARD who grants him the powers of a champion…all he has to do is speak the wizards name (Shazam) and a bolt of lighting strikes down turning him into…SHAZAM!

After speaking the magic word Billy Batson 14 year old orphan who bounces around from foster home to foster home finds himself with the powers of the gods. Shazam isn’t just a name but an anagram for all of the greek gods his powers are made up of.

S The wisdom of Solomon;
H The strength of Hercules;
A The stamina of Atlas;
Z The power of Zeus;
A The courage of Achilles;
M The speed of Mercury;


With these new found powers he’s almost on his own. Which means he’ll have to enlist the help of his foster brother Freddy Freeman who’s kind of a know it all when it comes to super heroes.


so together these two will explore Billy’s new found powers to see exactly what he’s made of. But when an evil scientist, Doctor Sivana whose been after the wizards powers his entire life shows up to take the powers from Billy and use them for his own plans.


So now Billy will have to take the form of Shazam to save Fawcett City. SHAZAM! will be in theaters April 5th. Until then check out the trailer below!





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