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Simon Peter Hemingway of the US Army

Troop salutes flow in to my inbox a bit like the tide at the beach. I’ve noticed trends in who is sending them, and who is being saluted. We love and honor all of our troops here and we’re proud to do it. Lately, the Tide has brought in a ton of salutes for brand new soldiers, sailors and Marines. Whether they’re fresh out of boot camp, or leaving next week, we salute those who have made the commitment to this nation. There is no time in service necessary to be honored here. I am just as thrilled to honor a new recruit as I am to honor a WWII vet who did 30 years. Today we are saluting Simon Peter Hemingway of the United States Army. Simon has been a soldier in the Army for less than a year, and his mother Lorraine McCready is incredibly proud of him. With the last name of Hemingway, those Drill Sergeants probably had some fun with Simon, but it all adds to the strength and character that everyone builds in basic. Simon has a lot of adventure ahead of him, and his service will help to ensure our American way of life. And for that we are so very proud to be saluting him here.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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