Survey says Americans now binge-watching eight hours a day while in quarantine

Survey says Americans now binge-watching eight hours a day while in quarantine

iStock/simpson33(NEW YORK) — It’s no secret that we’re binging more TV than ever, now that we have nothing better to do.  But a new survey shows that Americans are streaming, on average, eight hours of programming a day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A survey of 2,000 Americans who have access to streaming services revealed not only that, but also that the average streaming user in this country has binge-watched three shows in the past week. That’s not surprising, considering three in four Americans say they’ve been watching more of such content since the pandemic began spreading.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the streaming platform Tubi, also revealed that 65% of parents have been allowing their kids to watch more TV while everyone’s in lockdown. 

And though there are millions of hours of shows and movies online, most of us are watching the same stuff over and over: 56% of the respondents say they frequently re-watch a show instead of starting something new.

The poll noted that the average person in this country has access to four streaming services, with 38% admitting they frequently check out five or more. 

How can we afford it? Well, 42% admit they’ve shared or received a streaming service password from another person since the lockdown began. Two in five say they’ve used their ex’s passwords to do so. 

Half of those polled say they’ve canceled a service once they’ve caught up on a must-watch show, while a third of respondents admitting to lying about having seen a show that everyone was talking about.

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