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REVIEW – “Radioactive”: Energetic History Lesson Bogged Down by Uneven Script

Out of all the subjects to make an Oscar-bait biopic, nobody would ever put pivotal Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie anywhere near the top of their list. And yet, that’d never stop Hollywood, or London’s equivalent to the Hollywood movie-making machine from making one. The results, much like the Madame’s experiments, beyond messy. In the 40s there was Greer Garson …

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REVIEW – “Beats”: Growing Up in a Time of Monochrome Rave Culture

From the first minute or so, with all your senses awash in soaking of colorless visuals and hard banging, Beats is an instant snapshot from a time in world history where rebellion carried a finite musical backbone, and character integrity meant evolving at a reluctant pace. That much can be said for Johnno (Cristian Ortega), the flittery, furious kid in …

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REVIEW – Leigh Whannell’s “The Invisible Man”: Rare Re-imagining That’s Equal Parts Relevant, Intelligent and Terrifying

The powerhouse production engine at Universal have always been synonymous with many cinematic icons over a century of entertaining the masses. Before the yellow Minions, realistic CG dinosaurs and unrealistic CG felines they had backed, there were monsters. Impressive creature features forever destined to break the mold of what’s become your typical sci-fi, horror, or mystery feature. After a pair …

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