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FILM REVIEW – “Men in Black: International”: A Soft Reboot That’s Hard to Swallow, Easy to Neuralize

If there’s a studio that knows how to strategically mine valuable IP to the best advantage, clearly Sony’s tracking the most productive pulse, and there’s certainly no disputing their track record. However, determining just what product people want is equally important. Men in Black International, the fourth in a sci-fi franchise built at the mammoth strength of Barry Sonnenfeld, Will …

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FILM REVIEW – “Late Night”: Dynamic Workplace Comedy Packs Insufficient Roar

[AN OFFICIAL SELECTION FROM THE 2019 SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL]   Late night television isn’t so much cutthroat nowadays as it would’ve been during the Leno/Letterman wars of the mid-90s. Yet, if you’re venerable English comedienne Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson), her own war has just begun. The host of Tonight with Katherine Newbury has been in the chair a long …

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FILM REVIEW – “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” Ascends to Lofty, Fiery, Hesitant Throne of Franchise Loyalty

Five years ago, the second American imagining of Japanese cinema icon Godzilla was met with a mixed consensus. British auteur Gareth Edwards put in every best effort to raise the radiation-fueled, formerly rubber-costumed, now 100% CGI, reptilian creature into the 21st century for the stateside crowd. Where Roland Emmerich failed to fully capture the spirit of the more original films, …

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