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Songs Gone Wrong #1 Rockin Toots

We surprised Ryder The Young’n with this special song to celebrate his two year anniversary. Because everyone should be able to toot in front of that special someone! It’s called Rockin Toots, a song performed by our very own Mother Cluckers!!! (Parody of Knockin Boots)   Wanna help us with the next Songs Gone Wrong? Write your song parody from …

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Beer VS Water

Fitz is back after two years and he’s got some new tricks to teach us!   Listen to Fitz  In The Morning every weekday morning from 5 to 9AM!!! Join us at 5AM to become an official member of the B.S Club! (Before Six.) Don’t forget! Who’s Better Than You?! NOOOOOBODY!!!!  

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It’s been two years and now the wait is over. Even when he wasn’t on the radio in the AM Fitz continued on with his podcast, The Fitz Show and The Hit List With Fitz! But now you can tune in right here on New Country 98.9 The Bull every weekday morning from 5:30AM – 9 AM!!!! Catch your favorite …

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