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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s The New Shazam Trailer!

Imagine, you’re 13 years old and you just hopped onto a subway to head home. But instead that train that takes you to a magic portal where you meet a wizard who gives you super powers! If you’re not scratching your head right now you’ve probably heard of Shazam. The teenage boy with a righteous heart chosen by an ancient …

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Ryder’s Nerdy Reviews! Aquaman Movie!

Aquaman is the super hero of the seven seas! Not to mention the king of Atlantis. After years of Sponge Bob jokes and being called useless, we got to see what Aquaman could really do in this blockbuster to end 2018 right. You can watch the trailer here if you haven’t seen the movie yet! This is a spoiler free …

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