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REVIEW – “Doctor Sleep”: Mind-Numbing King Sequel Fills its Own Tall Order

In a year that’s seen Stephen King’s best work from his 80s writing heyday soured somewhat by poor marksmanship, even if the direction was always with best intention, perhaps it’s a miracle the best was saved for last. The absolute best, like mind-blowing, mind-numbing best. Legitimate horror personified without needing to rely excessively on nostalgia or grotesque imagery to tell …

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Shazam! The Super Hero movie you didn’t see coming!

We were all 14 once…we’ve all wished we had super powers because how awesome would that be?! Shazam is a comic book based on a young boy who has a run in with a wizard. Yes you read that right a WIZARD who grants him the powers of a champion…all he has to do is speak the wizards name (Shazam) …

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