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Disney+ Announces Start Date and Price!

Disney announced that they would be putting out a streaming service that would change the way you watch Disney content. Now this could mean a plethora of things. But of course leave it to Disney to blow everyone’s minds in the wee hours of the morning. news came today that their streaming service would start November 12th of 2019 and …

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Stranger Things Season 3!!!

Stranger Things has become a pop culture hit, referencing classic 80’s movies and television. It’s more than just an 80’s throwback, it finds it’s own legs to stand on introducing monsters and a girl with psychic abilities that isn’t from our world. When the story starts it’s all fun and games with four nerdy kids gathering around the table to …

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The Disney Vault is opening for their Streaming service!

Disney has been planning on releasing a streaming service much like Nextflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Disney+ as they’re  calling it will be home to everything disney including Marvel, Starwars and more Disney Originals! Netflix has already started preparing for this after canceling the Marvel shows Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and The Defenders. But don’t worry over …

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