Photo courtesy of WSDOT Youtube channel.

Take a look at the new Tunnel replacing the Viaduct!

The Alaskan Way Viaduct was built in 1949 and served it’s purpose for over 60 years until the day came where we had to say good bye. Thankfully Seattle had a plan in place to replace the Viaduct with an underground tunnel. Starting in July of 2013 they broke ground and began the construction of the new State Route 99 tunnel. Even if you’re living under a rock, you heard big Bertha drilling through the ground and talks of the viaduct being taken down.


Change is scary but this could be major help for commuting into Seattle, who knows maybe it’ll become your favorite part of your commute! But for right now it’s still new and unfamiliar. Yes it is replacing the viaduct but it won’t be the same exact route in fact it’s a bit different. Thankfully Washington States Department Of Transportation put out some videos to give us a view of the new Tunnel and how to navigate thru it! Check out the video below!

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