Taylor Swifts Neflix Documentary will show you her life like you’ve never seen before!

Ever wondered what it’s like being Taylor Swift? Signed her first record deal by 16 and had her first Single ‘Tim McGraw’ topping the country charts. Fast forward a few years and she becomes a house hold name!!!


But that was only the beginning, she would sell out arenas, transcend genres and shut down naysayers! Even when other industry giants like Kanye West tried to outshine her it just wasn’t possible. Taylor had become Country Music Legend in her own right.


Years later we’ve seen albums that blew us away! Speak Now, Reputation, Red, 1989 and now Lover! She continues to own her brand and change the mind of what kind of power she has. Taking down creeps in the radio industry to fighting back when others claim she isn’t good enough to stay relevant. Now with the recent drama of Big Machine she’s been taking a step forward for artist rights to own their music.


You usually get small glimpses into Taylor Swift’s life through social media but with this new documentary ‘Miss Americana’ you’ll see behind the curtain and what her life is truly like. The hardships, the laughs, the tears, and of course the huge wins.


Miss Americana will be released at the Sundance Film Festival January 23rd 2020 and available on Netflix January 31st 2020

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