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The Coolest Basement Ever

August 12 2018 - Fairbanks Alaska: Rows Of Dvd Rental Movies For
AUGUST 12 2018 – FAIRBANKS ALASKA: Rows of DVD rental movies for sale at a going out of business Blockbuster Video store, one of the last in the United States

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I love movies, always have always will.  I’m the kinda guy who will literally watch anything horror, action, suspense, drama and yes even chick-flicks. Do you remember going to the video store?  Do you remember Blockbuster or Hollywood Video stores? Is it me or would you love living in this house like this if you were a movie buff?  This is actually in someones home and I love it and have to take my movie game to the next level! Does anyone know an amazing home re-modeler? I need to get started ASAP!