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The Emperor is Back in STAR WARS episode IX!!!!

Let me start of with the new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise Of  Skywalker was released!

It starts with the voice of Luke Skywalker “We’ve passed on all we know, a thousand generations live in you now. But this is your fight.”

That’s right the Skywalkers are done…or are they? Since the beginning of this new trilogy we had our guesses on who Rey is and where she comes from. With the final movie set to come out December 20th of this year we may get the answers we’ve been looking for.

Sadly The Last Jedi gave us none of those answers and left us with way too many questions. As hard as director Rian Johnson tried he just couldn’t hit the mark.

But with JJ Abrams taking over fans are a little more excited! JJ gave us our introduction to this new line of STAR WARS characters and got us invested. Rey was a nobody just like Luke was, Fin is trapped in a life of what ifs  until he finally decides to grab life by the TIE fighter…literally. We even got to meet up with old friends like Han, Chewie and Leia! Then we meet our big bad guy who seems a little familiar…Kylo Ren. He turned out to be the son of Leia and Han Solo who turned to the Dark Side after training with his uncle…that’s right! Luke Skywalker.


Flash forward to now, Abrams has said he doesn’t mind changing a lot of things that happened in The Last Jedi and staying true to the story he originally wanted to tell in The Force Awakens. Okay so now we’re hopeful but are we hooked?


The Luke said one more thing. “No one’s ever really gone.” Then this dark cackle of a laugh echoes through the speakers.

You know what I’m talking about! That evil laugh from the original STAR WARS trilogy! The Emperor is back and ready for his revenge against the Skywalkers!!!!! If you remember right Darth Vader hurled the Emperor ever an edge of the Death Star back in Return Of The Jedi and that was the end…or so we thought.


Disney and Abrams hope to recapture that magic with the final STAR WARS movie to end the Skywalker story. But is Rey a Skywalker? Or is there more to it? Looks like We’ll have to wait until December 20th for our answers!

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