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The Idol you should keep an eye on!

Clay Page is a simple country man from Elberton Georgia and man does that shine through. He auditioned on American Idol and walked out with a golden ticket like he was paid to do it. I’m a little biased when it comes to picking a favorite on American Idol. It starts to feel like picking a favorite on Game of Thrones. There one day and killed off the next…wait no. Okay so it’s a little like Game Of Thrones not exactly like it. What I’m trying to say is it feels like your favorite is never there long enough. But something gives me a good feeling about Clay, maybe it was his audition? He covered a Thomas Rhett’s Die A Happy Man and made it his own! Now I could sit here and break it down for you or I could let you see it for  yourself.

Throughout the years we’ve seen people come and go on American Idol with some kind shtick that they ride out until they’re finally kicked off. Not Clay, this guy is down to earth and then some. The first words he utters is to Luke Bryan with “You catch any fish out there?” pointing to the open water right outside the audition room. Right away Clay’s character caught me I knew this was a guy I could have a beer with and talk about good old country music. But then he sang and I had a moment of Waynes World playing over and over in my head of “WE’RE NOT WORTHY, WE’RE NOT WORTHY!” Needless to say I’m gonna keep a very close eye on Clay because I think he’s a shoe in for the next American Idol!

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