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The X-Men (and Deadpool) are joining the Avengers?!

We all know that the X-Men is from Marvel comic books but back in the 90’s they were battling with having  to declare bankruptcy. Long story short they sold some of their most lucrative heroes. This included Spider-Man being sold to Sony, The Fantastic Four and the X-Men sold to fox. In the long run people think it ruined Marvels Movie universe but in reality it laid the foundation for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe.) Not only did we get our first real introduction to Marvel movies with Sony’s Spider-Man staring Toby Maguire. It also launched Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and brought the X-Men to real life!

Even though some of the movies ended up falling flat on their face, without them Iron Man wouldn’t be more than a pipe dream. So there was some good that came out of it even if the Fantastic Four reboot was unwatchable and Spider-Man 3 was a disco disaster.

Back in 2009 Disney bought the not only the movie rights but the entire company of Marvel. Ever since they continue to lead the way in super hero movies with others struggling to find their footing. Today Disney has closed the deal with 20th Century Fox.

This means Deadpool, X-Men and The Fantastic Four are coming home!

With Over a decade of movies the Infinity Stones have been collected, the snap has happened and now the Avengers are fighting to save the universe, while this will all spark the birth of a new Marvel Universe. If you haven’t seen it yet watch the trailer below for Endgame!

There’s one huge twist waiting after Avengers: Endgame. Who will lead the New Avengers after Ironman, Captain America and Thor are gone?

Kevin Fegie has come out and said Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Will be the character that brings the universe together. If I had to guess that would make Tom Hollands Spider-Man the second in command until they cast their new actors for the X-men and Fantastic Four.

When more news is out you’ll find it right here!

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