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Thomas Rhett Shows Off New Music On SNL!!

We all heard that Thomas Rhett would be debuting new music on Saturday Night Live but we had no idea it would be this good!

He teased his song Look What God Gave Her on his Instagram page a few weeks back and we loved it right away! Only to see him perform it live on SNL and give us all goosebumps! A love song for the ages which we all know he wrote for his wife and life long best friend Lauren Atkins. It feels like the happily ever after we all long for, give it a listen for yourself!


As if that wasn’t enough he introduced another song that left us wanting even more called Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time! Both songs were classic Thomas Rhett but it had a little more flavor i just can’t explain. It’s hard for artists not to fall into a rabbit hole of repeat performances or putting out music that sounds like it’s been done before but both of these songs prove Thomas Rhett continues to grow as an artist and a performer! Check out Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time.


We know for sure he’s working on his fourth album, as for when it comes out…that’s a wait and see situation. As soon as we get wind of a name of when it’ll be released you can find it here on New Country 98.9 The Bull!!!





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