Throw Sharp Stuff & Drink

Do you like to drink, and throw stuff?  Well then I have amazing news for you.  Blade & Timber announced this week that it now has approval to begin serving alcohol beginning on April 30.  This is a local spot on Capital Hill that has been in business for a little bit, but are now cleared to serve adult beverages.  I have been there and done this minus the beverages.  If you are asking yourself how is this safe?  Don’t worry the fine folks at Blake & Timber have been there and done that!

Case and point: This makes Blade & Timber the first axe-throwing venue in Washington permitted to serve alcohol, following two years of petitioning the state Cannabis and Liquor Board. The first time the venue applied, it eventually withdrew “in order to compile data and develop 80-pages of safety documents before reapplying to receive the board’s approval.” Their very confident CEO is proud to show up some impressive safety stats as well.

“We have three years of experience operating axe throwing venues across the country that have safely hosted more than 100,000 guests while serving alcoholic beverages,” CEO Matt Baysinger said in a written release. “We are incredibly proud and excited to demonstrate how we will do so successfully in Seattle beginning this week.”