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TMSG: 8-Year-Old Selling Cupcakes to Provide Christmas Gifts to Foster Kids

8-year-old Summer Linn is already making a big impact on the world by stepping up for those who often feel like no one cares about them.

Linn set up a shop at Pearland shopping center in Texas to sell her cupcakes. She sells boxes for $5 and recently made more than $2,000. She took her profits and bought Christmas gifts for foster kids. Linn told KHOU 11 that it’s hard for Santa to find the foster children, “He’s very busy. They get moved a lot. They’re special no matter what anyone says or does. Seriously. They deserve a good Christmas. They need a good home.”

Linn’s mother Max Ryder understands what it’s like to be moved around as a kid. She herself spent seven years of her life in and out of foster care. This year, Linn was able to take her $2,000 and “adopt” 13 kids for Christmas to gift them presents.

Photo: Getty Images