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TMSG: Deputies Help Reunite Homeless Veteran With Missing Dog

Rerun Returns

Happy Sunday everyone,

Sunday mornings are always a great time for a story with a happy ending. Here is a happy story hot off the press!

This past week, many of you followed a story posted by Deputy John Daulton on his social media page asking for the public’s assistance in locating Mr. Hatfield’s dog, Rerun, after he went missing. Mr. Hatfield is a homeless Vietnam War veteran who spends most of his time in the Kettleman City business district with his companion Rerun.

Our friends at KMPH 26 sent Rich Rodriguez to Kings County and they ran the story last Wednesday on their news station. Their news coverage lead to Yesenia Rodriguez reaching out on behalf of her mother, Naomi Herrera. The family feared Rerun was abandoned, so they picked him up as they traveled through Kettleman City to keep him safe. The family took Rerun on a road trip to the Sequoia Mountains and also gave him a bath.

Naomi and her family were very pleased to return Rerun to Mr. Hatfield. They made sure Rerun was outfitted with a dog tag and they sent food and snacks along with him.

We caught the Rerun reunion on video this morning. This story reminds all of us that our world is still filled with folks who are compassionate and caring.

Big thank you to Rich Rodriguez and Sheldon Gajarian at KMPH Fox 26!

May the good Lord bless Mr. Hatfield and Rerun, along with Naomi and her incredible family!

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Posted by Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association on Sunday, June 6, 2021

A sweet pup named Rerun is back where he belongs after getting lost from his owner.

Rerun was reported missing and that’s when Kings County Sheriff’s deputies put the call out to bring him back to his owner on social media. Rerun’s owner is a homeless Vietnam War veteran and he spends a lot of his time in Kettleman City, California.

That’s when a family stepped up and shared that they took Rerun in because they thought he was abandoned. They took him on a trip to the Sequoia mountains and gave him a bath before returning him back to his owner.

The deputies that posted the call to social media shared a sweet video of Rerun’s reunion with his owner.

Photo: Getty Images