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TMSG: Listener Shares Personal Tell Me Something Good About Niece

We love seeing our patients give back! For her birthday this year, Katie raised an impressive $650 to donate to #SHCGreenville. Thank you for your generosity and kind heart, Katie! ❤️

Posted by Shriners Children’s Greenville on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

During The Bobby Bones Show’s Tell Me Something Good segment, Listener Crystal called in to share a personal good news story about her niece Katie Ann Taylor.

When Katie was born, they discovered she suffered a stroke about 2 to 3 weeks before her birth. So she’s had to receive ongoing pediatric specialty care in Greenville, South Carolina at Shriners Children’s Hospital. Katie just turned 8-years-old and for her birthday the last 3 years she’s asked people to donate money for her to give to Shriners instead of bringing birthday gifts.

Her first goal in 2020 was $1,000 and she successfully surpassed it. Unfortunately she didn’t get as many donations in 2021 because of the pandemic. For 2022, Katie’s goal was to hit $1,299.88. So far, she’s over $4,000. On February 16th, Katie will take all of her donations when she travels from her home to Georgia to Shriners Children’s Hospital in South Carolina for her appointment.

The show decided to donate some money. Bobby and Amy are both donating $100. Eddie is donating $50 along with Scuba Steve, Abby and Mike D. Then Lunchbox said he would donate $30 and Morgan would donate $20. Raymundo also pitched in a $5 donation. For anyone else who would like to help, they can Venmo Crystal-Taylor-72 with the info as “Shriners Donation.”