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Top 10 things to do in sunny Seattle!

The sun is BACK this week!  With temps reaching near 80, we thought we’d remind you of all the fun things the PNW has to offer (and give our new afternoon guy Corey Dillon some ideas of what to do to!)  Check out the list and let us know what some of your favorite sunny activities are!

  1. Head to the Beach! Alki Beach in West Seattle has sand, waves and is walking distance to restaurants for your convenience!
  2. Go for a hike!  We’re known to have some spectacular views in the state, so lace up your shoes and head to Rattlesnake Ridge!
  3. Enjoy a patio party at your favorite restaurant!  Salty’s on Alki has a killer view of downtown Seattle, so sit back and sip a while!
  4. Head to a park, bring the kids and pups to Marymoor Park for expansive family fun just outside of the city!
  5. Get curious on the Seattle Waterfront Park!  Explore shops, enjoy fresh seafood and perhaps catch an Argosy ride around the sound!
  6. Play tourist – visit the Pike Place Market, head to the Space Needle and spend some time at Gasworks Park!
  7. Cool off with ice cream at Molly Moon’s and try one of their seasonal flavors!
  8. Take a ferry to Vashon Island and experience the laid back vibes of the PNW Island!
  9.  Grab a Seattle hotdog from one of the various street vendors and have a seat and do some sunny day people watching – you can’t go wrong with this!
  10. Find the mountain.  Look south from Seattle and if the Mountain’s out, head there and explore one of the PNW’s most iconic landmarks!

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Local PNW girl, born and raised in the South End! My love for country music, baby goats and good food knows no bounds!

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