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The Bull’s Top Eight Burger Joints in Washington State!

Ryder Here!  It’s National Hamburger Day so we’ve put together a list of what you say are your favorite Northwest Burger Joints.  Do you agree with the list? Did we miss out on some better local Burger Joints? Let us know so we can add ’em to the list and then go try ’em all out!


8.) Fish Tale Brew Pub in Olympia

Opens Since 1993 the fish tale brewpub is Olympias’ oldest brewpub and has some amazing crafts brew and burgers. their public house burger is an instant classics 1/2 lb fresh ground chuck on kaiser roll along with their
signature tangy pub mayo is worth a stop in!

7.) Bob’s Burgers & brew in Tulalip

these are one of those burgers you get a hankering for especially when it comes to the
bacon burger! 6oz of local never frozen Angus chuck, topped with melted american cheese adn thick slices of hormel smokehouse bacon!!! not to mention the fresh veggies and their signature sav;ory sauce!

6.) Big Bubbas Burgers in Allyn 

Bubbas Burgers in Allyn! If you’re on a road trip or just happen to be out on the peninsula of
Washington Big Bubbas is one you should stop in and try!
their burgers Fries and shakes are worth the drive and with a beautiful scenic drive out on highway 3 to Allyn you get a view while you eat! Ryder even swears by them!

5.) The Tipsy Cow in Redmond!
these guys are known for using fresh and local food! supporting local ranchers, farmers, brewers and distillers in Washington!
get a custom 7oz ground grass-fed beef patty made to perfection! with multiple combos to choose from
this is a favorite among Washingtonians!

4.) Pick Quick in Fife!
This burger joint is a staple of Washington the get in get out of burger joints with a walk-up stand just like the old days! They have fresh ingredients daily and hand-cut fries to drool over! With a great choice of shakes and sides to die for!

3.) Dicks Burgers Seattle and Kent
a true staple of the northwest whether you’re hungry for a good priced burger or it’s 1 am in Seattle and you just got out of a show and you’re starving! Nothing beats a dicks deluxe with fries and a shake!
they keep it simple yet delicious and the wait to get your food is always shorter than expected with top tier customer service and food you’ll develop a craving for every time you start to get into Seattle! The best news is they have a location Kent now too!!!

2.) Frugals In Auburn
this metal building sticks out like a sore thumb when you’re driving by in auburn and you can smell the savory meats when you do! A no dine-in drive-thru only burger joint is just what we needed during quarantine! I always make sure to grab myself a double bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings including their grilled onions!!! Make sure you tell em Ryder the local of auburn told ya to stop by!

1.) Burger Express Federal Way
Federal Way has a lot of hidden gems one of them being Burger express! With over 26 different burgers like the fair burger, the buffalo burger, the chicken teriyaki burger and obviously a whole lot more!
they come with a basket of hand-cut fries that are worth getting just by themselves! one meal will fill you right up and leave a good amount of leftovers that heat up great! Did I mention their fresh milkshakes? Made with real ice cream it’s a true burger joint experience that’s hard to find nowadays!