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UFO spotted in New Jersey…Welcome to 2020!

Alien Spaceship (ufo) Is Flying At Night. Moon In Background.
Alien spaceship (UFO) is flying at night. Moon in background.

If you missed the What Are You Kidding Me stories check out the podcast today to hear even more about the UFO spotted on Route 21 and around the city!!!


On September 14th of 2020 another sign of the times poked it’s head in New Jersey. Hundreds of Thousands of people stopped on major freeways and streets to try and get some sort of video or picture of the moment that could change the world forever. When you see the video it’self you’ll question everything you know…



Now officials have come out and said it was in fact not a UFO but a Good Year Blimp…Of Course that’s what they want you think!

Maybe I’m wrong maybe it is a good year blimp but after everything I’ve seen in my 27 years has told me that things have been covered up way too many times and way too conveniently. Something tells me that the Blimp wasn’t really a blimp but….a cover up! On another note it does sorta…look like a blimp.


But that’s just my opinion! Am I full of it, seeing what i wanna see? You make the call! Is it an Alien UFO or a Good Year Blimp?