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Walt Disney Studios just got rid of what?!

Walt Disney Studios had a frenzy when buying up properties in the last decade including Pixar,  Lucas Films (Star Wars), Marvel and 20th Century Fox. But with those spendy purchases Walt Disney Studios ended up winning big time! Pixar practically prints money, Marvel is one of the biggest block busters every summer and don’t get me started on Star Wars!

What it now comes down to is some big changes effecting not only Walt Disney Studios But some of the previous owners. This mainly includes their latest buy 20th Century Fox.Walt Disney Studios acquired a lot of properties when it comes branding they wanna keep the 20th century fox logo with a minor change.


You can all the changes through out the years, nothing major but tones and colors when it was owned by fox. But now that’s it’s owned by Walt Disney there’s one big change! Check out the video and see if you can catch it.




That’s right, Fox was taken out of the logo!!! It’s now 20th Century Studios: A division of The Walt Disney Company dropping fox entirely. Which is no surprise, Walt Disney Studios owns all of the movie and television properties but Fox is still alive and kickin with their news outlets.


What will truly be interesting is to see how Disney handles branding on shows like Family Guy, American Dad and Bob’s burgers which are all now owned by Walt Disney Studios after the Fox Buy Out. One show that’s already seen it’s transition from Fox to Disney was welcomed with open arms. The Simpsons can be streamed on Disney+ Now before the rest of FOX’s catalog…so far. Mor changes are coming!!


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