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[Watch] Thomas Rhett Debuts Brand New Song……On Sesame Street!

Thomas Rhett joined Sesame Street for their 50th anniversary celebration. You have to imagine his two little girls Willa and Ada were blown away seeing their dad on Sesame Street.

The lyrics of the song are:

Where the air is sweet.
Where he can share a hug.
See ol’ Bert, n’ say hiya Ernie.
Sing a song with the people in the neighborhood.
Draw with Big Bird.
Hang out with ABC on the stoop in front of ol’ 123.
Where kindness is the way.
Learn new things each and every day.
See that old gang and never go away.
Play ball with Rudy and Abby.
Oscar if he’s not feeling crabby.
Share a cookie right here in Hooper’s Store.
Count with the Count to a hundred.
Come home to all my friends, where friendship never ends.

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