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The ground is trampled flat, dust floats through the air, and trash is everywhere. As you make your way through the campgrounds you wonder where that couch came from and if the severely sun burnt and probably dehydrated man on the couch is even alive.

As you continue up the path the scent of body odor, tobacco, puke, and fireball whiskey permeate the air. No this is not the post apocalyptic blockbuster of the summer.

This is Watershed at the gorge and we want to make sure that at the end of the weekend you’re not the guy passed out on the couch with a back burnt like crispy bacon! Which is why we decided to compile a list of the do’s and don’ts for watershed 2018!

5 Do’s of Watershed

Extra Supplies — Sunscreen in a spray bottle, Water, spray fans, earplugs, portable charging banks, and extra batteries will be your saving graces.

The spray bottle will keep you cool in the intense heat. And if you buy a few extra spray fan’s from the dollar store or Wally World you can sell them to the poor souls who didn’t think to bring one.

Spray on the sunscreen before you go out in the heat and reapply it throughout the day to avoid looking like a cross between bacon and light leather.

You may think ear plugs would be for the loud music which they can be, but these are actually for when the music stops and you head back to the campgrounds, because when the concert stops is when the party starts! So these earplugs may help you get at least three hours of sleep.

Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones for Music — You never know how much hanging out you will do at your campsite or how annoying the tent next to you may be, but it really helps if you have a way to play and/or amplify your own tunes while you and your friends are getting warmed up for the next show or trying to fall asleep for the show the next day.

Extra Fireball — If you think you brought enough, you didn’t. The amount of alcohol that gets consumed over this three-day weekend is enough to make even the most conditioned livers beg for water! It never hurts to have a few more bottles than anticipated. I mean it’s not like it’s going to go bad and you will most likely end up using it. Plus if you find yourself with extra…well you’ll have a great way to make friends at the campgrounds.

Money — Nobody wants to be the guy who’s out of cash on day one and borrowing from friends the rest of the weekend, so pace yourself and make sure you bring some extra cash in case you underestimate how much food, drinks, and concert merchandise cost. Beer goes for about $8 a cup and margaritas are usually $14, and food isn’t cheap either. So you’ll feel your money melting away just as quick as the last layer of sunscreen you applied that day.

Sweatshirt/blankets — During the day you won’t need them, but as soon as the sun goes down it can get a little chilly and you will want to bust out the blankets and sweaters.

5 Don’ts of Watershed

Don’t pass out — You might think they are your friends, but wild substance based shenanigans are bound to take place at Watershed that may make you question exactly what friendship is? Sharpie mustaches, Cheetos put in your nose, who knows what might happen… you may wake up with your wranglers cut into daisy dukes.

Don’t show too much skin — This one applies to the guys and the gals! It will be hot and clothes will get uncomfortable as the heat goes up and the day goes on. You may want to wear tank tops, daisy dukes, shorts, or maybe even less! Just remember that the skin you are now showing off will burn much easier and faster! The question you gotta ask if momentary comfort worth dealing with a increasingly painful sunburn the whole weekend?

Don’t drink too much before noon — Nobody wants to be the guy who hit it a little too hard a little too early! If you choose to drink before the main stage really gets going, you may end up sleeping it off the rest of the day. Trust me, nobody wants to sleep through the headliners especially after you payed all this money to enjoy the show!

Don’t take drinks from strangers — Remember how your parents warned you about taking candy from strangers? Surprisingly the same thing applies to booze! I’m serious, maybe it’s just me, but I like to make my own concoctions so I know exactly what’s in them.

Don’t forget to charge your phone — Your cell reception will be spotty, but you will want to use your phone to take pics or text your friends if they get lost. The Gorge has had phone charging stations in the past. But if you don’t go that route, you might consider buying a portable charger or two…or five, just in case you need to make a text or drunk call your ex.

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