Well He’s Certainly a Growing Boy

Kayla from Olympia has asked for help with her husband Joe who she says is feeding their son too much junk food. She says Joe uses fast food and ice cream as rewards and fun “Dad/Son Time” and the boy is getting really heavy. She says in the past few months he has gained about 20 pounds and she’s worried that when school starts up again he is going to be teased, but also she fears for his long-term health. And to make matters worse, Joe is encouraging the boy’s video game playing and not any kind of sports or outdoor exercise. When Joe comes on, he says Kayla is overreacting, that every kid in the neighborhood has gained weight during Quarantine, and this spring and summer have been so hard with all their sports and activities, cancelled that the boy needs some pick-me-ups to feel better and have some fun. Joe is also upset that she’s fat-shaming their son although she insists she has never said anything to the son about his weight, only to Joe. And then suddenly we get a view of what Kayla thinks of Joe’s weight and what Joe thinks of Kayla’s helicopter parenting

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