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Woodland Park Zoo Temporarily Closed

The Red Panda (ailurus Fulgens) , Fire Fox Or Lesser Panda, The
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Last week, the Woodland Park Zoo welcomed a new baby gorilla into the world for the first time since 2015. Unfortunely, it will be a little while until we can enter the zoo to see the little guy. That’s because, effective today (March 12th), the zoo is closing its gates through March 31st at least. In times like this it’s better safe than sorry. That would be a lot of people in one place, touching a lot of the same surfaces, and it would be very easy for the virus to spread in that environment.

Don’t worry too much about the employees and the animals at Woodland Park. The zoo took to social media, “Critical operations staff, including animal care teams and other selected employees, will continue working at the zoo to provide vital care to our animals and infrastructure. All other employees will WFH (Work From Home) if they are able or receive paid leave.” They Also said that they always maintain a surplus of food and medical supplies for all of the animals in their care, so don’t worry too much about our fuzzy friends.

In the meantime, Woodland Park also promises to keep you up to date with stories and photos from within their gates.